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Fair and Free Elections

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Fair and Free Elections

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Fair and Free Elections

While some on rights and some on wrongs,
Prefer their own reflections,
The people's rights demand our song:
The rights of free elections.

cho: Law and order be the stake,
     With freedom and protection.
     Let all stand by the ballot box,
     For fair and free elections.

For government and order's sake
And law's important sections,
Let's all stand by the ballot box
For freedom of elections.

Each town and county's wealth and peace,
Its trade and all connections.
With science, arts must all increase,
By fair and free elections.

Then thwart the schemes of fighting lands
And traitor disaffections.
Stand up with willing hearts and hands
For fair and free elections.

Should enemies beset us round
Of foreign fierce complexions.
Undaunted we can stand our ground
Upheld by free elections.

Elections are to make us laws,
For trade, peace and protection
Who fails to vote forsakes the cause
Of fair and free elections.

tune: Yankee Doodle
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