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Eternal Doom

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Eternal Doom

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Eternal Doom
(Mark Graham)

What an awful day
When the judgment come!
When the Lord above
Turns down his thumb
[All the goons and the ginks
Who ain't paid their dues
They'll be in Hell
By the evening news.]*

Oh the ground will reel
And the sky will fall;
And the sinners will squeal
And the sinners will squall.
It'll tear and rend
Your very soul
Eternal doom's
Like rock and roll.

Eternal doom
Will fry your brain.
It's a waxy build-up
And a clogged-up drain
Your ind will bend
And your blood will freeze!
Better put your head
Between your knees.

Eternal doom
Is a terrible deal
For all you bums
That lie and steal.
It'll make you moan,
It'll make you curse.
Now listen with horror
To the very next verse.

Eternal doom
It's at your door.
It came last week,
Now it's back for more
Ain't no use to plead
Or cry or beg
Sinner, you're gonna run
Like a two-minute egg.

Eternal doom
Will rot your brains.
Oh there'll be whips!
And there'll be chains!
If S and M's
Your cup of tea
Eternal doom
Will set you free.

Now listen here buddy
You better pray
That you pay your dues
By judgment day.
There's enough for all
Whether small or large.
Eternal doom
Takes Master Charge.

* [On the goons and the geeks
   The scum and the slime
   They're going to hell
   For a long long time.]

Copyright 1983 Mark Graham
From singing of Dave Olive
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