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Ellen Vannen

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Ellen Vannen

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Ellen Vannen

Snaefell, Tyndwall and Benmachree,
Fourteen ships set out to sea.
Proudly bearing a Manx name,
But there's one will never again

CHO: O Ellen Vannen, of the Isle of Man Company,
     O Ellen Vannen, lost on the Irish Sea.

At one a.m. in Ramsey Bay
Captain Tier was heard to say
"The contract says deliver the mail
In this rough weather we must not fail."

Liners sheltered from the storm
On the wave Ellen Vannen was borne
Her holds were full and battened down
As she sailed away for Liverpool town

Her crew were twenty one Manx men
Passengers Liverpool businessmen
"Farewell to Mona's Isle, farewell
This little boat is bound for Hell!"

Less than a mile from the Bar Lightship
Ellen Vannen by a wave was hit
She sank 'neath the waters of Liverpool Bay
There she lies until this day

Few Manxmen now remember
The third day in the month December
A terrible storm in ninety-nine
Ellen Vannen sailed the very last time

Recorded by The Spinners many years ago.
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