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Elfin Knight 2

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The Elfin Knight 2

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The Elfin Knight 2

For there was a fair maid went a-walk
     Blaw, blaw,, blaw ye winds, blaw,
Ay, between yon salt sea and yon sea strand
     And the dreary wind's blawed my plaidie awa'

For she met a devil by the way
     Blaw, blaw,, blaw ye winds, blaw,
And to her he did give a task
     And the dreary winds did blaw her plaidie awa' [1]

For you'll make to me a holland shirt
Without either seam or needlework.

For you'll wash it up in yon draw-well
Where there never was water nor a dew-drop fell.

For it's when I do that task for you
Surely you'll do one for me.

For you'll fence for me three acres of land
Ay, between yon salt sea and yon sea strand.

For you'll plough it up wi' a double ram's horn
Sow it o'er wi' one peck o' corn.

For you'll harrow it o'er wi' a tree of black thorn
And you'll reap it up wi' one blink o' sun.

For you'll shear it down wi' a pea-hen feather
And you'll stook it up wi' a stang o' a nether (sting of an adder)

For you'll yoke two sparrows in a match-box
And you'll cart it home to my own farmyard.

For it's when you do that task for me
     Blaw, blaw, blaw ye winds blaw,
You come back and you'll get your sark
     And the dreary winds'll blaw my plaidie awa'.

[1] The use of "my" and "her" in the final line of the refrain, and the
     tense of the verb "blaw" seem to depend on the sense of the verse-
     lines. EMacC, PS

From Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from John MacDonald
Child #2
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