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Way down upon the Wabash, such land was never known;
If Adam had passed over it, the soil he'd surely own.
He'd think it was the garden he'd played in as a boy,
And straight pronounce it Eden in the State of Elanoy.

     Then move your fam'ly westward,
     Good health you will enjoy,
     And rise to wealth and honor in
     The state of Elanoy.

'Twas here the queen of Sheba came, with Solomon of old.
With bullock's load of spices, pomegranates and fine gold;
And when she saw this lovely land her heart was filled with joy
Straightway she said "I'd like to be a queen in Elanoy."

She's bounded by the Wabash, the Ohio and the Lakes.
She's crawfish in the swampy lands, the milk-sick and the shakes.
But these are slight diversions and take not from the joy
Of living in this garden land, the state of Elanoy.

Away up in the northward, right on the borderline
A great commercial city, Chicago, you will find.
Her men are all like Abelard, her women like Heloise
All honest virtuous people, for they live in Elanoy.

last cho:

     Then move your family westward,
     Bring all your girls and boys
     And cross at Shawnee Ferry to
     The State of Elanoy.

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III