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Edgar and Ellen

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Edgar and Ellen

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Edgar and Ellen

One eve as the moon shone brightly
And softly fell the dew,
There in a lonely cottage
A jealous quarrel grew.

Said he to a fair young Ellen,
"Won't you come and roam with me?
We'll watch and wait and wonder
Until our wedding day."

Said she to her handsome Edgar
"I care not for to roam,
For roaming is so lonely,
Please Edgar, take me home.."

In silence there he kissed her
He pressed her to his heart,
Oh Ellen, Ellen my darling
'Tis sad that we must part.

Then she knelt down beside him
And asked him to spare her life;
When into her fair young bosom,
He plunged a dagger knife.

Oh Edgar, I'll forgive you
Although this be my last breath,
I never will deceive you
Till I close my eyes in death.

Down in a shady valley
Down where the roses bloom,
There lies a fair young maiden
Sleeping in her tomb.

I know not how she suffered
We know not how she moaned,
But we know thse words were spoken
"Please Edgar, take me home."

From the Max Hunter Collection
Collected from Nancy Philley, Fayettville, AR, 1958

DT #525
Laws F1
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