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Echo Canyon

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Echo Canyon

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Echo Canyon

At the head of Echo Canyon there's a railroad begun
And the Mormons are cutting and grading like fun
They say they'll stick to it until it's complete
For friends and relations they're longing to meet

   Hurray, hurrah, the railroad's begun
   Three cheers for our contractor, his name's Brigham Young
   Hurray, hurrah, we're light-hearted and gay
   The right kind of boys to build the railway

Now, there's Mr. Reed, he's a gentleman too
He knows very well what the Mormons can do
He knows in our work we are steadfast and true
And if Mormon boys starts it, it's bound to go through

The boys in our camp are light-hearted and gay
We work on the railroad ten hours a day
We're thinking of fine times we'll have in the fall
When we'll be with our sweethearts and go to the ball

Our camp is united, we all labor hard
And if we are faithful we'll gain our reward
Our leader is wise and a great leader too
And all things that he tells us we are right proud to do

We surely must live in a very fast age
We've traveled by ox-cart and then took the stage
But when such conveyance is all done away
We'll travel in steam-cars upon the railway

The great locomotive next season will come
To gather the Saints from their far-distant home
And bring them to Utah in peace here to stay
While the judgments of God sweep the wicked away

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