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Early One Morning (2)

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Early One Morning (2)

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Early One Morning (2)

Early one morning a week before election day
I heard a politician promise all the world to me
"These are my pledges: I'll increase wages
And I'll cut your taxes if you'll only vote for me."

So early on election day I hurried to the polling booth
I placed a 1 into the square right opposite his name
This man seemed so true and just, a politician I could trust
He got my vote because he said he'd set the world aflame.

All through that evening I sat and watched my TV set
With great anticipation till the counting it was done
Excitement had seized me, oh how the outcome pleased me
At the close of day the workers party had won.

For many months thereafter I waited for my luck to change
I waited for improvement but I waited all in vain
No changes were delivered, now I've discovered
It doesn't matter who's in power they're always just the same.

Remember the promises you made to me so truly
Remember all the things you said so many months ago
Oh you deceived me, saddened and grieved me
How could you use a poor worker so?

(C) Copyright 1990 by Alan Foster.

A generic political song. People who write political songs often
experience the frustration at election time of seeing a large part
of their repetoire rendered obsolete overnight. This song remains
valid. AF
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