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Dont Take Away My Pwa

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Don't Take Away My Pwa

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Don't Take Away My Pwa

Oh, Mister President, listen to what I'm going to say.
Oh, Mister President, listen to what I'm going to say.
You can take away all of the alphabets
But please leave that PWA.

Now you are in, Mr. President, and I hope you's in to stay.(2x)
But whatever changes that you make,
Please keep that PWA.

Now, I don't need no woman an' no place to stay, (2x)
Because I'm makin'an honest livin'
Now on that PWA.

PWA, you the best ol' friend I ever seen, (2x)
Said,  the job aint hard
And the folks aint mean.

I went to poll and voted, and I know I voted the right way.
Now, I'm praying to you, Mister President,
Please keep the PWA.

From Hard Hitting Songs, Guthrie et al.
Copyright State Street Music Publishing Co., Inc.
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