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Fresh aw cum frae Sandgate Street,
            Do-ol-li,   do-ol-li,
Maw best freends here to meet,
         Do-li the dil-len doll,
            Dol-li, dol-li,
         Do-li the dil-len doll,

The Black Cuffs is gawn away,
And that will by a crying day.

Dolly Coxon's pawned her shirt,
To ride upon the baggage cart.

The Green Cuffs is cummin' in,
An' that'll make the lasses grin.

The "Cuffs" refers to different regiments' uniforms.)
(As recorded in Northumbrian Minstrelsy)

Note: Tune used by Stan Kelly in Liverpool Lullaby

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III