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Devilish Mary

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Devilish Mary

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Devilish Mary

When I was young an' in my youth,
I thought I'd never marry;
But ever' time I'm away from home
It's hello, gals, won't you marry?
     It's tararinktum, tararinktum ,
     Tararinktum ready!

Well I went down to London town,
They called it Londonderry,
An' there I spied a purty little gal,
They called her Devilish Mary .

We got to courtin' very fast
An' got in the devil of a hurry;
We made up the match that very day
An' got married the very next Thursday.

We hadn't been married but about three weeks
Till she looked as mad as the devil,
An' ever' time I said a word
She hit me with the shovel.

We hadn't been married but about four weeks
Till I told her it was best we parted;
She didn't say nary a word to me,
But she gathered up her duds an' started .

If ever I marry ag'in in this world
It won't be for love or riches;
I'll marry a gal that's six*  foot high,
So she cain't git in my britches!

*usually sung "two". Makes more sense. RG
Collected from Emma Dusenbury, Ark., 1930
DT #518
Laws Q4
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