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Crash Song

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The Crash Song

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The Crash Song

Scratch the disks, dump the core,
Roll the tapes across the floor,
And the system is going to crash.
Teletypes smashed to bits.
Give the scopes some nasty hits
And the system is going to crash.
    And we've also found
    When you turn the power down,
    You turn the disk readers into trash.
Oh, it's so much fun,
Now the CPU won't run
And the system is going to crash.
Shut it down, pull the plug
Give the core an extra tug
And the system is going to crash.
Mem'ry cards, one and all,
Toss out halfway down the hall
And the system is goping to crash.
    Just flip one switch
    And the lights will cwease to twitch,
    And the tape drives will crumble in a flash,
When the CPU
Can print nothing out but "foo"
The system is going to crash

tune: The Caissons Go Rolling Along
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