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Cosmic and Freaky

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Cosmic and Freaky


Cosmic and Freaky
                        COSMIC AND FREAKY
                              (Grit Laskin)
It was cosmic and freaky,
  on a midsummer's day
And the pipes in the meadow,
  Man, they blew me away,
And the blackbirds and the thrushes
  were into their own thing,
     And  the larks got off on music,
     Man like all they did was sing
A freak and his ol' lady
  were out tripping through the heather
Said the freak to his ol' lady,
  "Man, my head's not together,
So I'm trucking out to Frisco,
  Where the alpha waves run free,
     And the highs you reach on skateboards,
     Have transcended LSD."

Well, a picture of his Earth Shoe,
  she instantly drew
Saying, "This is where I'm at, man,
  I'm still tuned into you."
And as they dug each other's head space,
 Tears from her eyes he did see
     She said "Can I come?" and he said "No,
     Man, don't lay that trip on me."

He  said,  "Man,  we're getting heavy,
  I'm not into what's going down
The taxi meter's running,
  and I'm [turned/bummed off this town
But you'll still be my ol' lady
  If you're ever near San Francisco
     After all, babe, you're a Pisces,
     And I'm a Scorpio."

from sondra stigen, 1984
Recorded by Laskin- Unmasked
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