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The Carter


The Carter

I once was a bold fellow and went with my team,
And all my delight was a keeping them clean,
With brushes and curties I'd show their bright colour,
And the name that they gave me was a "hearty good fellow".

As every evening I go to my bed
The thought of my horses comes into my head
I rise the next morning to give them some meat
As soon as I can get my shoes on my feet.

The first was a white horse as white as the milk
The next was a grey horse as soft as the silk
The next was a black horse as sleek as a mole
The next was a brown horsew, like diamonds did show.

As I go a-driving all on the highway
When light goes my load thewn I fewed them with hay
And give them some water when we come to a pond,
And after they've drunk, boys, go steady along.

My feet they grow weary walking by their side
I said to my mate,"I will get up and ride."
And as I was riding, I made a new song
And as I did sing it, you must learn it along.


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