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Captain Grant

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Captain Grant

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Captain Grant

Where I was bound apprentice was down in Northamptonshire,
Where I did take my lodgings in the centry of a wood,
With my two metal bullets and my bright shiny sword,
And it's quickly they did banish me to Edinborough Town.

From Edinborough Town, my boys, I thought it myself good,
Till I did take my lodgings in the centry of a wood;
It was through that wicked woman had me surrounded as I were laying
May the Lord have mercy on me ! ' cried bold Captain Grant.

Now, here's to my wife and my five children small,
And since I 've been drinking I have ruined them all ;
God save 'em and God keep 'em from sickness and from want
"May the Lord have mercy on me!" said bold Captain Grant.

From Travellers' Songs, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from Nelson Ridley

note: Several printed versions between 1900 and 1910. Published broadside
had three or four aditional verses. Tune similar to that of Johnny Troy

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