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Can Ye Sew CushionsH

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Can Ye Sew Cushions?

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Can Ye Sew Cushions?

O Can ye sew cushions? And Can ye sew sheets?
And can ye sing ba-la-loo When the bairn greets?

cho: And hee and baw, birdie, hee and baw lamb
     Hee and baw birdie, my bonnie wee lamb.
     Hee, O, wee, O, what would I do wi' you?
     Black's the life that I lead wi' you!
     Mony o' you, little for to gie you
     Hee, O, wee, O, what would I do wi' you?

I biggit the cradle all on the tree top
And the wind it did blaw, and the cradle did rock.


Now hush-a-ba lambie, and  hush-a-ba, dear
Now hush-a-ba, lambie, thy minnie is here.

The wild wind is ravin', thy minnie's heart's sair;
The wild wind is ravin', and you dinna care.


Sing ba-la-loo, lambie, sing ba-la-loo, dear,
Does the wee lambie ken that his daddie's no here?


Ye're rockin' fu' sweetly upon my warm knee
But your daddie's a-rockin' upon the saut sea.


Note: First printed in 1803 in Johnson's Scots Musical Museum. This version
  collected by Isla Cameron.
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