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Brave Dudley Boys

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Brave Dudley Boys

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Brave Dudley Boys

In the days of good queen Bess
Yah boys, ho
In the days of good queen Bess
Yah boys, ho
In the days of good queen Bess
Conventry out done their best
Yah boys, ho boys, oh the brave Dudley boys

But in the times a be,
We've outdone Coventry

Tipp'n lads, they did us join
And we fought the strong combine

We marched into town
Resolved to burn the 'ousen down

Times, they was mighty queer
Vittles, they was powerful dear

So we fought to make corn cheap
We burned them all, of a heap

But the work was scarce begun
When the soldiers came and spoilt the fun

We all run down our pits
Scared almost out of our wits

God bless Lord Dudley Ward
He knowed the times been hard

He called back the soldier men
And we'll never riot again

Roy Palmer, Songs of the Midlands (1972)
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