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Braes of Belquether

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The Braes of Belquether

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The Braes of Belquether

"Will you go lassie go to the braes of Belquether
Where the keen winds they blow and the bonny blooming heather
Where the roe, hind, and deer do go bounding together,
Spend their long summer days by the braes of Belquether?

"I would twine you a bower by some silvery fountain,
And deck you all o'er with roses from the mountain,
And here we would go spend our long days together,
Spend our long summer days on the braes of Belquether

No, no sir, she said, "I'm too young to have a lover,
My age is scarce sixteen and I dare not for my mother
And besides being too young I fear you're some deceiver
That has come along to charm me here by the braes of Balquethether"

"Fare you well my pretty fair maid, your beauty soon may wither
I'll deprive you of your chance and live happy with some other
I will roam the wide world over till I find a maid of honour
That will go along with me to the banks of Belquether."

From Folksongs from Southern New Brunswick, Creighton
Collected from William Ireland
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III