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Braes o Killicrankie

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Braes o' Killicrankie

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Braes o' Killicrankie

Whare hae y been sae braw, lad?
Whare hae y been sae brankie, O?
Whare hae y been sae braw, lad
Cam ye by Killicrankie, O?

cho: An had ye been where I hae been
Ye wad-na been sae cantie (cheerful), O
An ye had seen what I hae seen
I' the braes o' Killicrankie, O.

I faught at land, I faught at sea
At hame I faught my auntie O
But I met the devil and Dundee
On the braes o' Killicrankie, O.

The bauld Pitcur fell in a furr
The Clavers got a clankie, O
Or I had fed an Athol gled
On the braes o' Killicrankie, O.

O fie, Mackay, what gart ye lie
I' the bush ayont the brankie, O
Ye's better kiss'd King Willie's loof (hand)
Than come to Killicrankie, O>

It's nae shame, it's nae shame
It's nae shame to shank (send off) ye, O
There's sour slaes (sloes) on Athol Braes
And deils at Killicrankie, O.

From Scotttish & Border Battles & Ballads, Brander
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