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Boy that Burned in the Berryville Jail

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The Boy that Burned in the Berryville Jail

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The Boy that Burned in the Berryville Jail

My name is Flo Eddings, the son of Old Doc
He'll surely disown me, but I'm one of his flock.

No money no clothes, without one cent
Down to old Carrollton while robbing I went.

Out of Green Forest, I was hired to work,
Then they came and handcuffed me and took me to court.

They called in a jury, never cost them a cent
And down to old Berryville, to jail I was sent.

I sent for my father and thought it all well
He wouldn't come near me and I wished him in hell.

No father, no mother, no money to spend
They left me here lonely, myself to defend.

They brought me my supper, they locked the door fast
And left me all alone to think of the past.

The jail caught fire and I hollered for help
The damned ole jailer just lay there and slept.

I wrapped my blanket 'round me and threw myself down
And no one came near me till the jailhouse burnrd down.

From the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
Collected from Mrs. Rubibow, MO 1958

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