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Bonny Eloise

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Bonny Eloise

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Bonny Eloise
(C.W. Elliot and J. R. Thomas)

O, sweet is the vale where the Mohawk gently glides
On its clear winding way to the sea,
And dearer than all storied streams on earth beside
Is this bright rolling river to me;

cho: But sweeter, dearer, yes, dearer far than these,
     Who charms where others all fail,
     Is my blue-eyed, Bonny, Bonny Eloise,
     The Belle of the Mohawk Vale.

O, sweet are the moments when dreaming I roam,
Thro' my loved haunts now mossy and grey,
And dearer than all is my childhood's hallow'd home
That is crumb'ling now slowly away;

Note: In a martial tempo, this has become a fife-and-drum corps
     standard, since (I think) Revolutionary War times. RG
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