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Boneys Defeat

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Boney's Defeat


Boney's Defeat

O, Boney has gone to the wars of old fighting
He has gone to the place where he takes no delight in
O there he may sit down, and tell all the scenes of sinners
Whilst forlorn he does mourn on the isles of Saint Helena.

Louisa doea weep for her husband's departing,
And she dreams when she sleeps and she wakes broken-hearted.
Not a friend to condole or even those who might be with her,
Though she mourns when she thinks on the Isles of St. Helena.

The rude rushing waves all around the shores a-washing,
And the great bellows heaves and the wild rocks a-dashing.
You may look to the moon, to the great Mount Diana,
With his eyes over the waves that's around St. Helena.

No more in St. Cloud he will be seen in such splendour,
I'll go on with the crorvd at the great Alexander,
For the yaung King of Rome and the Prince of Guiana
Says he'll bring his father home from the Isles of St. Helena.

From English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Townsley and Mrs. Wilson, KY 1917
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