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Bold Riley

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Bold Riley

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Bold Riley

Our anchor's aweigh and our sails are all set,
     Bold Riley-oh, boom-a- lay!
And the folks we are leaving, we'll never forget,
     Bold Riley-oh, gone away!

cho: Goodbye, me darlin', goodbye, me dear-oh,
     Bold Riley-oh, boom-a-lay,
     Goodbye, me darlin' goodbye, me dear-oh,
     Bold Riley-oh, gone away.

Wake up Mary Ellen, and don't look so glum,
By Whitestocking time, you'll be drinking hot rum.

The rain it is raining now all the day long,
And the northerly wind, it does blow so strong.

We're outward and bound for Bengal bay,
Get bendin', me boys, it's a hell of a way.

Recorded by Warner and Davis
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