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Blue Bottle

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Blue Bottle

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Blue Bottle

When I was a bachelor, brisk and young,
Courted a lady with a flattering tongue;
Kisses I gave her were a hundred and ten.
I promised to marry, but I didn't tell her when,
I promised to marry, but I didn't tell her when.

Monday morning I married me a wife,
Thinking I'd live a happier life.
Fiddlin' and dancin' and all the fine plays,
How happy we were in all those days, (2x)

Tuesday morning I carried her home,
I thought to my soul I had a wife of my own.
She curled her nose and scold and scold,
If ever I heard the like before. (2x)

Wednesday morning I went to the wood,
Thinkin' to my soul she would never be good,
Cut me a lash where the willows grow green,
Think she's the toughest that ever I seen. (2x)

Thursday morning I lashed her well,
Cuffed her more than tongue can tell;
"If this is the best that you're goin'' to do,
The devil may have you tomorrow before two." (2x)

Friday morning at break of day
On her death pillow she was scolding away;
Ruffets and the Cuffets and the little devils came,
And carried her away to the home of the same. (2x)

Saturday morning as I lay alone,
I had no wife, no bride of my home;
My blue bottle is my best friend,
My week's sorrow has now an end. (2x)

From Our Singing Country, Lomax. Collected from Mrs. Carlos
     Gallimore, VA 1937
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