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Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (II)

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Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (II)

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Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (II)

It's advertised in Boston, New York and Buffalo
A hundred brave Americans, a-sailing for to go.

     And blow ye winds in the morning
     Blow ye winds hi oh
     It's clear away the running gear
     and blow boys blow.

A hundred brave Americans? My God! That is a laugh,
For all of you in the NMU could never sail a raft.


You call yourselves seamen but I say that is a lie
'Cause greedy little men like you could never qualify,


In Lunenberg in Canada they build great wooden ships,
And boatswains play guitars instead of cat o' nine tail whips,


Instead of diesel engines we've got sails and running gear;
The work is hard, but then we don't pollute the atmosphere.


Now here we are on deck again, now what do you think of that?
And all of you in the NMU can go s*** in your hat!


(This version was sung on the HMS Rose in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia,
in the spring of 1971. It was a response to an organizing drive
by the NMU)
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