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Black Velvet Band (New Zealand Version)

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Black Velvet Band (New Zealand Version)

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Black Velvet Band (New Zealand Version)

It was the time for leaving.
An emigrant I was bound
To say farewell to my true love
And dear old London town.

   Her eyes they shone like diamonds
   As I took hold of her hand.
   Her hair hung down to her shoulder
   Tied up with a black velvet band.

I knew not when I'd see her
When I bade her adieu.
For I was bound for New Zealand
To see my contract through.

I'm saving every penny
And silver to be found;
I'll latch on to every sovereign
That reaches Auckland town.

And when I'm rich and proper
And own a store in town,
I'll sail back home for my true love
And then I'll settle down.

In most other countries, "The Black Velvet Band" is a
transportation ballad. In New Zealand, however, which
never experienced transportation, it was adapted to fit
this gentler (if perhaps less exciting) lyric.

As recorded by Bruce Hall on "Song of a Young Country:
New Zealand Folksongs."

DT #313
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