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Black Joke (3)

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Black Joke (3)

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Black Joke (3)

The cole Black Jack, NLS MS 6299, c 1745

A Lady of pleasure that came from France
She it was that learned me a dance
W]ith her pretty black hair and her hands so white

She hurried me from lane to lane
untill she picked my pockets clean
With her etc.

My watch my sword my rineys[?] likewise
the whore she seized on the golden prize
with her etc.

She striped me naked and got me to bed
And laid me close by a whore that was dead
with her etc.

(When) in the morning when I did rise
I then began for to rub my eyes
with her etc.

When I thouht to embrace my paramo[ur]
I found nothing there but fullsome ded [whore]
with her etc.

I wish that I had been grut in the street
for the comical whore gave me the pox
with her etc.

Stark naked thro' the streets I did run
You would laugh for to see how I rigglled along
with her etc.

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