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Bill Gates

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Bill Gates

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Bill Gates

For those of you who know Old Joe Clark (The preacher's son), here's a
parody I started. If any of you can contribute more verses, please do:

Old Bill Gates from Microsoft
Richest man alive
The only thing he ever loved
Was Windows 95

cho: Fare thee well, old Bill Gates
     Fare the well I say
     Fare thee well, old Bill Gates
     Apple's here to stay

Old Bill Gates had lots of dough,
Piled to the sky,
The only things he never owned,
Were a suit and tie.

Old Bill Gates said, "Amen!
This problem I'll attack.
I'll take your clumsy IBM,
And make it work like Mac

When Bill Gates is dead and gone
They'll let him into Heaven
But not until the bugs are gone
From Windows 97....

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