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Bheir Me O

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Bheir Me O

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Bheir Me O

  Bheir me o, horo van o
  Bheir me o, horo van ee
  Bheir me o, o hooro ho
  Sad am I, without thee

Thou'rt the music of my heart
Harp of joy, o cruit mo chruidh
Moon of guidance by night
Strength and light thou'rt to me

In the morning, when I go
To the white and shining sea
In the calling of the seals
Thy soft calling to me

When I'm lonely, dear white heart
Black the night and wild the sea
By love's light, my foot finds
The old pathway to me

recorded Bok, Seal Djiril's Hymn
also called Eriskay Love Lilt
Copyright Folk-Legacy Records, 1977
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