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Beware O Bonie Ann

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Beware O Bonie Ann

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Beware O Bonie Ann
(Robert Burns)

Ye gallants bright, I red you right,
  Beware o' bonie Ann!
Her comely face sae fu' o grace,
   Your heart she will trepan:
Her een sae bright, like stars by night,
   Her skin is like the swan;
Sae jimply lac'd, her genty waist,
   That sweetly ye might span.
Youth, Grace, and Love attendant move,
   And Pleasure leads the van:
In a' their charms, and conquering arms,
  They wait on bonie Ann.
The captive bands may chain the hands
   But Love enslaves the man:
Ye gallants braw, I red you a',
  Beware o bonie Ann.

tune:Beware o' bonie Ann (288)
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