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Banks of the Ohio

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Banks of the Ohio

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Banks of the Ohio

I asked my love to go with me,
Just to walk a little way.
And as we walked, 'twas then we talked
Of our approaching wedding day.

cho: Then only say that you'll be mine
     And in no other arms entwine.
     Down beside, where the waters flow
     Down by the banks of the Ohio.

I held a knife against her breast
As gently in my arms she pressed,
Crying "Willie, Oh Willie! Don't murder me
For I'm unprepared for eternity!"


I took her by her lily white hand
And led her down where the waters stand;
I picked her up and pitched her in
And watched her as she floated down.


I started home 'twixt twelve and one
Cryin' "Oh my God! What have I done?
I've murdered the only woman I love
Because she would not be my bride.


DT #628
Laws F5
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