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Baldheaded End of the Broom

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Baldheaded End of the Broom

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Baldheaded End of the Broom

Love it is a very funny thing
It catches young and old
Just like a dish of boarding house hash
To many a man it's sold
Makes you feel like a fresh water eel
Causes your head to swell
You'll lose your pride
Your love is tried
Empty your pocketbook as well

Cho: So boys stay away from the girls I say
     Give 'em lots of room
     'Cause when you're wed they'll beat you 'till you're dead
     With the baldheaded end of the broom

When a boy goes out with a pretty litle miss
He talks as gentle as a dove
He courts his honey and spends his money
Just to prove he's solid in love
When his money's all gone
And his clothes in hock
And he has no bread to chaw
He'll call someone to load up his gun
And vaccinate his mother-in-law


Now young men take my advice
Don't be in a hurry to wed
You'll think you're in clover
'Till the honeymoon's over
And then you'll think you're dead
With a cross-eyed baby on each knee
And a wife with a pimple on her nose
You'll find that love doesn't run so smooth
When you have to wear second-hand clothes.


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