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(Dominic Behan)
Ch:     Oh have you been to Avondale
        And wandered in the lovely vale
        Where tall trees whisper all the tale
        Of Avondale's proud eagle
Where fame and ancient glory fate
Such was the land where he was laid
Like Christ was thirty pieces paid
For Avondale's proud eagle
Long years that green and lovely vale
Has nursed Parnell, our grandest Gael
And cursed the land that has betrayed
Fair Avondale's proud eagle
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Note: this is one of the most popular Irish songs, recorded
by Mick Moloney and many more.

This song is about Parnell, the leader of the Irish Home Rule
Movement in the 1880s. After a scandal about his sex life, his
supporters, under a campaign of hatred by both the English press
and the Catholic church, deserted him and he died shortly
afterwards. MJ


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