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As I Went Out for a Ramble

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As I Went Out for a Ramble

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As I Went Out for a Ramble

As I went out for a ramble,
It's I stopped in a little town,
It's I fell in love with a pretty little girl
And her eyes they were dark brown.
This girl I love so dearly,
It's I loved her more than life,
But she was nothing but a young flirt
So she never could be my wife.
It's as I was walking one evening,
It's I walked around the park,
It's I found her in the arms of another boy,
God knows it broke my heart.
I went to her and asked her
As plain as words could be,
"Have you fell in love with another boy
And turned your back on me?"

She threw her arms around me
And in these words she said,
"I love vou, dear, with all of my heart,
God knows, I'd rather be dead."

"But your parents, they're against me;
They talk of me all the time,
And you are nothing but a hobo,
God knows you'll never be mine."

It's I turned away and left her,
It's I went on down the track;
And every step that I would take,
She seemed to say, "Come back."

Next morning I caught a freight train,
It's I went way down the line,
It's I said, "I'll go and ask her
If she'll try me one more time."

Now, boys, all take warning
From a friend that's tried and true.
Don't fall in love with such a young girl,
Her love will prove untrue.

God knows I've been a rambler,
It's I rambled all around;
But if she ever proves true to me
I'll marry and settle down.

From Our Singing Country, Lomax
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