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As I Went Out Ae May Morning

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As I Went Out Ae May Morning

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As I Went Out Ae May Morning
As I went out ae May morning
A May morning it chanc'd to be
There I was aware of a weelfar'd maid
Cam linkin' o'er the lea to me.
O but she was a weelfar'd maid,
The boniest lass that's under the sun;
I spier'd gin she could fancy me
But her answer was, "I am too young."

To be your bride I am too young
To be your loun wad shame my kin
So therefore pray young man begone
For you never, never shall my favour win.

But amang yon birks and hawthorns green,
Where roses blaw and woodbines hing
O there I learn'd my bonie lass,
That she was not a single hour too young

The lassie blush'd the lassie sighed
And the tear stood twinklin' in her e'e
"O kind Sir, since ye hae done me this wrang
It's pray when will ye marry me?

It's of that day tak ye no heed
For that's a day ye ne'er shall see
For ought that pass'd between us twa,
Ye had your share as weel as me.

She wrang her hands, she tore her hair
She cried out most bitterlie
Oh what will I say to my mammie
When I gae hame wi' my big bellie!

O as ye maut, so maun ye brew
And as ye brew, so maun ye tun
But come to my arms my ae bonie lass
For ye never shall rue what ye now hae done!

From the Scots Musical Museum
DT #501
Laws P19
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