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Annie Laurie

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Annie Laurie

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Annie Laurie
Maxwellton's braes are bonnie,
Where early fa's the dew,
And it's there that Annie Laurie
Gave me her promise true
Gave me her promise true,

Which ne'er forgot will be,
And for bonnie Annie Laurie
I'd lay me doon and dee.
Her brow is like the snowdrift,
Her throat is like the swan,
Her face is the fairest
That e'er the sun shone on.
That e'er the sun shone on,

And dark blue is her e'e,
And for bonnie Annie Laurie,
I'd lay me doon and dee.
Like dew on the gowan lying
Is the fa' o' her fairy feet.
And like winds in the summer sighing,
Her voice is low and sweet.
Her voice is low and sweet,
And she's a' the world to me,
And for bonnie Annie Laurie,
I'd lay me doon and dee.


The original poem was written by William Douglas of England,
1685, who was in love with Annie Laurie, the beautiful daughter
of Sir Robert Laurie, first baronet of Maxwellton.  The song with
the version of the poem used here was published in 1838.  It was
immensely popular with the British troops during the Crimean War.

recorded by Deller Consort on Westron Wind
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