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(John Todhunter)
(For money, Shaun Davey betrays his sister, who was
hiding her rebel lover in the glen of Aghadoe in County Cork.)
There's a glen in Aghadoe, Aghadoe, Aghadoe
There's a deep and secret glen in Aghadoe
Where we met my love and I, love's fair planet in the sky
In that deep and silent glen in Aghadoe

There's a glade in Aghadoe, Aghadoe, Aghadoe
There's a deep and secret glade in Aghadoe
Where I hid from the eyes of the redcoats and their spies
That year the trouble came to Aghadoe
But they tracked me to that glen in Aghadoe, Aghadoe
When the price was on his head in Aghadoe
O'er the mountain through the wood as I stole to him with food
But the bullets found his heart in Aghadoe
I walked from Mallow town to Aghadoe, Aghadoe
I took his head from the jail gate to Aghadoe
There I covered him with fern and I piled on him the cairn
Like an Irish king he sleeps in Aghadoe

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