The Sussex Folk Orchestra had it's inaugural meeting and first rehearsal on the 23rd March 2000 We play a mixture of tunes from around the world including English, Scottish, Irish, European, American and others.

Rehearsals are normally held twice monthly on Thursdays at the John Seldon Pub in Worthing. There is a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of encouragement. We have musicians of various skill levels from relative beginners to highly experienced players. There are no prerequisites to join the orchestra except that you will need a basic mastery of your instrument and plenty of enthusiasm.

The Orchestra is made up of acoustic instruments eg flutes, whistles, recorders; violins and mandolins; melodeons, concertinas and accordions; clarinets and saxophones; guitars and banjos; brass; bass and percussion. To accommodate the limitations of some instruments and to generally make things easier all tunes are currently in the key of D or G and the related minors Em and Am.

The main objective of the orchestra is for all involved to have a good time and enjoy the music but we also expect to be giving live concerts later this year, and we have already had advanced booking requests.

If you think you might like to come and join us check out the rest of this site, then contact us.



E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III