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BALLADS, SONGS, AND TUNES.                                            813
Turkeyloney, 95.
Turn again, Whittington, 515, 785,
Turn, love, I prithee, 528.
Turpin's valour, 661.
T'va bonny lads were Sawney and Jockey, 619a.
Twang lang dildo dee, 236.
'T was a youthful knight, 178.
'Twas at the gate of Calais, 637.
'Twas down in Cupid's garden, 727.
'Twas God above that made all things, 513.
'Twas on the morn of sweet May-day, 712.
"I was within a furlong of Edinborough town,
[611, 612. Twelfth Night, or King and Queen, 773. Twenty-ninth of May (The), 491. Twitcher (The), 555. Two faithful lovers (The), 369. Two famous lovers once there were, 367. Two loving sisters, 259. Two Toms and Nat in council sat, 446.
Uncomly in cloystre I coure, 26.
U nconstant Hoger, 783.
inconstant woman, 452.
Undaunted Londonderry, 571.
Under and over, 189.
Under the greenwood tree, 541.
Under the holly-bush tree, 544.
Under the rose, 730.
Undone, undone, the lawyers are, 433.
Unfortunate Miss Bailey, 714.
Unfortunate Stephen ! well may'st thou, 682.
X'nion of the red and white rose, 199.
Up tails all, 196, 773,
T Ip the green forest, 555.
Upon a Summer's day, 254.
1 Ipon a Summer time. 254.
Upon a sunshine Summer's day, 622.
Upon a time I chanc'd, 255.
Upon a time when Titan's steeds, 165.
Upon the meadow brow, 182.
Valiant Jockey's march'd away, 611, 612. Valiant seamen's congratulation to Charles II., 292. Valiant trooper and pretty Peggy, 452. Valiant virgin, or Philip and Mary, 292. Very good song, and very well sung (A), 262. Vicar and Moses (The), 602. Vicar of Bray (The), 653,787. Virgin most pure (A), 755. Virgin Queen (The), 603. Virgin's complaint (The), 363. Virgin unspotted the Prophets foretold (A), C42. Vive le Roy, 429, 622, 782.
Waits, 547 to 551.
Wakefield on a green, 394.
Walking in a country town, 182.
Walking in a meadow green, 182.
Walsingham, 121.
Wandering Jew (The), 197.
Wandering maiden, or True love united, 681.
Wandering Prince of Troy (The), 370.
Wandering virgin, or Coy lass fitted, 682.
Warning for married men, 197.
Warning for maidens, 197.
Warning to false traitors, 228.
Warning to London, 112.
Was ever knight for lady's sake ? 171.
Was ever maiden so scorned ? 527.
Was ever man ? 171.
Waterman's song upon the thaw, 427.
Watkin'sale, 136.
Watton town's end, 219, 220.
We are poor frozen-out gardeners, 747, 790.
We be soldiers three, 77.
We be three poor mariners, 77, 769.
We have brought you a branch of May, 753.
We'll drink out of the nut-brown bowl, 745.
We'll gladden our hearts with the best, 591.
We'll go no more to Tunbridge Wells, 317.
We've cheated the parson, 583.
We will go no more to the Old Exchange, 317.
Wednesbury cocking (The), 660.
Weep, weep, 0 Walsingham, 122.
Welcome home, old Rowley, 313.
Welcome, royal May, 491.
Well-a-day, 174.
Well-a-day, where should I stay, 465.
West-country damosel's complaint, 776.
West-country delight, or Hey for Zommersetshire,
West-country jig, 83.                                    [542.
West-country lawyer, or Witty maid's good fortune,
West-country lovers (The), 279.                   [520.
West-country nymph, or Loyal maid of Bristol,
Western wind, when wilt thou blow? 57. [524.
Westminster wedding, 186.
What a fine thing have I seen to-day, 649, 650.
What Booker can prognosticate ? 437.
What care I how fair she be ? 315.
What creature's that with his short hairs? 410.
What doth ail my love ? 143.
What if a day, or a month? 310, 311.
What is greater joy or pleasure ? 597.
What's a Protector? 421.
What need we brag or boast at all ? 286.
What pity 'tis so bright a thought, 645.
What though I am a country lass? 806, 375, 647.
What though the zealots? 430.
What woman could do I have tried, 649.
When a man's a little bit poorly, 659.
When all was grown to dark midnight, 382.
When Arthur first in court, 199.
When as King Edgar did govern, 768.
When as King Henry rul'd, 199.
When as the Duke of Normandy, 94.
When Britain first, at Heav'n's command, 687.
When busy fame, 536, 537, 786.
When Daphne did from Phoebus fly, 338.
When first my dear Johnny came to this town,
When flying fame, 198.                                 [784.
When from the East, with dappled grey, 651.
When glistening Phoebus, 327.
When God had taken for our sin, 371.
When grave divines preach up dull rules, 650.
When Greeks and Trojans fell at strife, 371.
When Harold was invaded, 567.
When 1 call to mind those jovial days, 780.
When I followed a lass, 518. .
When I was a bachelor, 218.
When I was bound apprentice, 733, 734.
When in war on the ocean, 642.
When Isabel, fair England's Queen, 144.
When love was young, 466.
When mighty roast beef was the Englishman's food,
When once Master Love, 449.                      [636.
When our great prince, with his choice band, 688.
When Phoebus addrest his course, 191.
When Samson was a tall young man, 241.
When Sawney left me, he had store of gilt, 618.

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