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Tantara rara tantivee, 325.
Taunton Dean, 262, 672.
Teach me, Belissa, what to do, 379.
Teague and Sawney, 571.
Tell me, Daphne, 158.
Tenant of my own (A), 595.
Tenth of June (The), 657.
Thames uncas'd (The), 427.
That I am a sailor 'tis very well known, 590.
Then great Bill Brown, 660.
Then to the may-pole eome, 125.
Then up spoke the captain, 743.
There came up a lass from a country town, 593.
There dwells a maid in Doncaster, 559.
There dwelt a man in fair Westmoreland, 260.
There dwelt a widow in this town, 446.
There happen'd of late a terrible fray, 601.
There is an old proverb, 730.
There lies a pudding, 483.
There lived a man in Ballymecrazy, 714.
There lives a lass upon the green, 685.
There's a lusty liquor, 308.
There's never a maid in all this town, 74,
There's nothing without money, 356.
There was a bonny blade, 120, 457.
There was a certain usurer, 146.
There was a country gallant, 189.
There was a fair maid of Islington, 541.
There was a frog liv'd in a well, 88.
There was a jolly miller, 666.
There was a jovial beggar, 345.
There was a jovial tinker, 188, 773, 779.
There was a knight, and he was young, 520.
There was a knight was drunk with wine, 520.
There was a knight was wine-drunk, 520.
There was a lady in the North country, 531.
There was a lass of Cumberland, 503.
There was a little man, and he wooed a little maid,
There was a London gentlewoman, 313. [770.
There was a maid came out of Kent, 348.
There was a maid in the West, 695.
There was a maid this other day, 136, 454, 783.
There was a maid went to the mill, 594.
There was a miller, who had three sons, 773.
There was a pretty lass, 595.
There was a rare ratcatcher, 779.
There was a rich merchantman, 382.
There was a shepherd's daughter, 126.
There was a youth, and a well-beloved, 203.
There was an old farmer in Sussex did dwell, 571.
There was an old fellow, 262.
There was an old prophecy found in a bog, 572.
There was an old woman liv'd under a hill, 594.
There was an old woman went up in a basket, 571.
There were three ravens, 59.
There were three travellers, 506.
There were two sisters, they went a playing, 177.
This wonder of the Northern star, 559.
Thomas, you cannot, 336.
Thou and I will foot it, Joe, 306.
Thou canst not hit it, 239.
Thou wealthy man of large possessions, 165.
Though bootless I must needs complain, 378.
Though I have but a mark a-year, 356.
Though I live not where I love, 451, 782.
Though I'm but a farmer's son, 657.
Though some do wonder why, 356.
Three children sliding on the ice, 199.
Three merry boys are we, 362, 780.
Three merry boys of Kent, 588.
Three merry men of Kent, 688.
Three merry men be we, 216.
Three merry wives of Green-goose Fair, 566.
Three ravens (The), 59.
Three sheep-skins, 614.
Through all the employments of life, 455.
Through Liddersdale as lately I went, 460.
Through the cool, shady woods, 364.
Through the Summer night, 683.
Thus think, and drink tobacco, 563.
Tidings of comfort and joy, 752.
Tight little island (The), 720.
Time's alteration, 266, 777.
Tinker of Turvey (The), 779.
'Tis good to be merry and wise, 254.
Titus Oates, 325", 441.
To all men now I'll plainly shew, 460.
To all you ladies now at land, 507.
To bed to me, 503.
To carry the milking pail, 296 and 297.
To Christians all I greeting send, 451.
To couple is a custom, 339.
To every faithful lover, 292.
To find my Tom of Bedlam, 333.
To horse, brave boys, to Newmarket, 562.
To marry a widow, 95.
To my muse give attention, 713.
To old Sir Simon the King, 266.
To you, fair ladies, 508.
Tobacco is an Indian weed, 563.
Tobacco, that is withered quite, 563.
Tobacco's a musician, and in a pipe delighteth, 779.
Tom a Lincoln, 566.
Tom and Will were shepherd swains, 609*.
Tom Nokes'sjig, 605.
Tom of Bedlam, 255, 330, 332, 417, 779.
Tom Tiler, 187.
Tom Tinker leads a merry life, 187.
Tom Tinker's my true love, 353.
Tom the tailor, 325a.
Tom Trusty, 336.
Tommy was a lord of high renown, 619.
To-morrow it is St. Valentine's Day, 227. ^
To-morrow the fox will come, 82.
Tony was small, but of noble race, 619.
Tories' confession (The), 427.
Tory's lamentation, 455.
Toothless bride (The), 551.
Touch me lightly, 218.
Touch the thing, you, 684.
Trenchmore, 82, 769.
Trepanned virgin, or Good advice to maidens, 537.
Trial brings truth to light, 269.
Trifling song you shall hear (A), 267.
Trimmer (The), 233.
Trip and go, 130.
Trip to Marylebone, 792.
Triumph and joy, 229, 775.
Triumph of the Eoundheads, 425.
Troll the bowl, 483.
Troy Town, 370.
True blue, 194.
True love's knot untied, 128.
True love without deceit, 682.
True lover's happiness, 284.
Trusting heart, though men deceive thee, 722.
Trusty Dick, 782.
Truth's integrity, 304.
Tune of forty-one, 427.
Tunc of eighty-eight, 211.

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