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O the oak and the ash, 457, 786.
O this willow tree will twist, 520.
Oh! to bed to me, 503.
O we sail'd to Virginia, 642.
O weel may the keel row, 721.
O what a plague is love, 182.
Oil! when shall I be married? 462.
Oil! where, and oh! where is your Highland
laddie ? 740. O willow, willow, 206, 774. O you merry souls, 595. Oak and the ash (The), 457. Oikerman(The), 779. O ites well thrashed, 441. Obsequy of fair Phillida, 319. Of all delights the earth doth yield, 321. Of all the birds that ever I see, 75. Of all the birds that haunt the woods, 775. Of all the girls in our town, 719. Of all the girls that are so smart, 646, 647. Of all the lads that are so smart, 645. Of all the mauxes in the land, 645. Of all the recreations, 284, 446. Of all the simple things we do, 603. Of all the trades that ever I see, 231. Of Anna's charms let others tell, 646. Of late I chanc'd to be, 235. Of late did I hear a young damsel complain, 555. Of late I did hear a young man domineer, 556. Of old soldiers the song you shall hear, 299. Off she goes, 796. Oft have I heard of many men, 356. Oft have I ridden, 63.
()ld Christmas returned, or Hospitality reviv'd, 498. Old courtier of the queen, 299, 778. Old Hob, or The mouse-trap, 602. Old Homer, but with him what, 677. Old Jemmy is a lad [James II.], 524. Old King Oole, 634,—another, 635. Old Lancashire hornpipe, 544. Old langolee (The), 796. Old lusty gallant, 91. Old man is a bed full of bones (An), 60. Old man's complaint, or Unequal match, 528. Old Marinet, or Mall Peatly, 289, 778. Old miser slighted (The), 592. Old Noll the brewer, 231. Old Noll's jig, 449.
Old Eoger of Coverlay for evermore, 534. Old Sir Simon the King, 262, 776, 792, 796. Old soldier of the Queen, 299. Old woman clothed in gray (An), 455, 783. Old woman poor and blind, 551. Old year now away is fled (The), 232. Omnia vincit amor, 780. On a Summer's day, 254. On Easter-Monday last, 575. On Hounslow Heath, as I rode o'er, 662. On the bank of a river so deep, 493. On the cold ground, 526. On yonder high mountains, 304, 681. On yonder hill there stands, 129. Once did I love a bonny, brave bird, 655. Onoe I lov'd a maiden fair, 257. One evening, a little before it was dark, 326. One evening, having lost ray way, 675. One holiday, last Summer, 290.                 
One morning, being free from care, 661. One morning bright, for my delight, 367. One morning early, by the break of day, 460. One Friday mom, when we set sail, 742.
Open the door to three, 555.
Orange (An) on William III., 235.
Organ's echo (The), 413.
Overthrow of proud Holofernes, 752.
Our King went forth to Normandy, 39.
Our oats they are hoed, 583.
Our ship carried over nine hundred men, 729.
Out, alas, what grief is this, 185.
Over and under, 189.
Over hills and high mountains, 304, 681.
Over hills and over mountains, 782.
Over the mountains and over the waves, 304.
Over yon hills and yon lofty mountains, 681.
Oxfordshire tragedy (The), 190, 773.
Packington's (or Paggington's) Pound, 123, 771.
Painter (The), 161.
Pair of turtle-doves, 452.
Pan, leave piping, 323.
Parliament routed, or A house to be let, 285.
Parson and Dorothy, 126.
Parthenia, 439.
Parti de maL 25.
Pass not for ribalds which, 349.
Past three o'clock, and a cold, frosty morning, 550.
Pastime, with good company, 56.
Patient husband and the scolding wife, 556.
Pattern of true love, 372.
Paul's steeple, 117, 770.
Paul's wharf, 130.
Pavan (The), 156.
Peace, shepherd, cease to moan, 201.
Peerless paragon, 357.
Peg-a-Ramsey, 218.
Peggie, I must love thee, 609.
Peggy is over the sea with the soldier, 614.
Pepper's black, 121, 627.
Pescod time, 196. '
Peter-penny (The), 773.
Petticoat loose, 724.
Phil. Porter's lament, 614.
Philander, 279.
Phillida flouts me, 182, 773.
Phillis on the new-made hay, 284.
Phoebus is long over the sea, 775.
Pickaxe and a spade (A), 200.
Pie sat on a pear-tree top (A), 232.
Pinder of Wakefield (The), 393,394.
Pinnace rigg'd with silken saile (A), 738.
Ploughman's art of wooing (The), 555.
Poet's dream, or Outcry against bailiffs, 619.
Politick Club (The), 6*59.
Polly Oliver's ramble, 676.
Polly, put the kettle on, 795.
Poor Coridon did sometime sit, 458.
Poor English mouths for twenty years, 630.
Poor man's resolution (The), 266.
Poor Eobin's maggot, 639.
Poor soul sate sighing (A), 206, 774.
Poor Tom hath been imprisoned, 334.
Portsmouth, 605.
Power of the sword (The), 431.
Praise of London, 327.
Praise of married life, 378.
Praise of milkmaids, 349.
Praise of nothing, 356.
Praise of sailors arid sea affairs, 292, 778.
Pray lend me your ear, 233.
Prepare ye the plough, 121.
Pretty Bessie, 159.
Pretty Betty, now come to me, 558.

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