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Must the absence of my mistress ? 452.
My Aunt Margery, 534.
My days have been so wondrous free, 673.
My dear and only love, I pray, 379, 507.
My dear and only love, take heed, 378, 380, 507.
My dog and I, 291.
My father was born before me, 446.
My freedom is all my joy, 215.
My heart is full of woe, 210, note.
My life and my death are both, 542*.
My little Laud, methinks 'tis strange, 412.
My little pretty one, 79.
My lodging is on the cold boards, 527, 785.
My lodging is on the cold ground, 525, 785.
My man Thomas did me promise, 738.
My masters and friends, and good people, 123.
My mind to me a kingdom is, 117, note.
My mistress is a shuttlecock, 508.
My mither's ay glowran o'er me, 609.
My name is honest Harry, 365.
My name is old Hewson, 451.
My noble friends, give ear, 118.
My Patie is a lover gay, 619.
My Eobin is to the greenwood gone, 233, 234.
My scandalous neighbours^ 337.
Nancy, 149.
Nancy Dawson, 718.
Nanny, O, 610».
Near Bristol liv'd a man of fame, 191.
Near the town of Taunton Dean, 746.
Near Woodstock town, 190.
Ned, she that likes thee now, 183.
Ne'er yet was a name, 720.
Neglected tar (The), 654.
Neptune's raging fury, 292, 778.
Never dally, Bhall I? shall I? 558.
Never love thee more, 378.
Never will I wed a girl that's coy, 317.
New Bob-in-Jo, 291.
New Broom [on hill], 458.
Newcastle ale, 573.
New courtier of the King's, 299.
New dance at the Red Bull, 294.
New England psalm, 442.
New Exchange (The), 140, 317.
New Highland laddie, 772.
New hunting of the hare, 255.
New Ignoramus, 431.
New lusty gallant, 91.
New mad Tom of Bedlam, 328.
New-married Scotch couple (The), 575.
Newmarket, 562.
New rant (The), 553.
New Koyal Exchange (The), 317.
New soldier (The), 299.
New Wells, 606.
New-year's gift for the Pope, 336.
News from Court, 508.
News from Hyde Park, 325.
News from Tower Hill, 456.
News, good and new, 770.
Night her blackest sables (The), 509.
Night piece, 84.
No more, fair virgins, boast, 713.
Nobe's maggot, 595.
Noble fisherman (The), 392.
Noble riddle wisely expounded, 530.
Noble shirve, [shire-reeve], 347.
Noel, Noel, 42, 757.
Nonesuch, 444.
Norfolk gentleman's last will, 200.
North-country lass (The), 457, 783.
North-country maids' resolution, 441.
North-country mayor (The), 124.
Northern lad, or Fair maid's choice (The), 503.
Northern lass, or To bed to me, 503.
Northern lass (There dwells a maid in Doncaster),
Northern lass's lamentation, 456, 783. [559,786.
Northern Nancy, 854, 779.
Northern Nanny, or The loving lass's lamentation,
Northern turtle (The), 366.                         [575.
Northumberland bagpipes (The), 636, 786.
Nose, nose, jolly red nose, 75.
Not light o' love, lady, 223.
Nothing venture, nothing have, 284.
Nottingham ale, boys, Nottingham ale, 573.
Now all my friends are dead and gone, 357.
Now all you gallants of city or town, 557.
Now, by your good leave, Sirs, 431.
Now, dear lady, if thy will be, 34.
Now farewell to you, ye fine, 736.
Now, God be with old Simeon, 483, 784.
Now, O now, I needs must part, 127.
Now ponder well, 200.
Now Bobin, lend to me, 79.
Now the Spring is come, 463.
Now Whitsun holidays they are come, 542.
Now, you young females that follow the mode, 593.
O brave Arthur a Bradley, 539.
O brave Roger a Cauverly, 534.
O come you from Newcastle? 340, 779.
O cruel, bloody fate, 280.
O dear, twelve pence, 737.
O dear, what can the matter be ? 732.
O death I rock me asleep, 237.
O, do me no harm, good, 208, 774.
O fly from this place, dear Flora, 504.
Oh, for a husband, 454, 783.
O Fortune! how strangely thy gifts, 717.
O, good ale, thou art my darling, 660.
O grammercy, penny, 780.
O hone, O hone, 369, 780.
Oh! how happy are young lovers, 597.
O how I doat upon the lass, 658.
Oh how they frisk it, 541.
O Jenny, Jenny, where hast thou been ? 587.
O leave me to dream and weep, 522.
O let no eyes be dry, 780.
O London is a fine town, 218, 220, 774.
O Lord! we have continual cause, 699.
O man in desperation, 770.
O mistress mine, 209.
O mother, a hoop, a hoop, 649, 787.
O mother! Roger with his kisses, 542a.
O my dainty cavalilly man, 441.
Oh! my kitten, my kitten, 603.
O my sweet Jonathan Swifty, 604.
O no, no, no, not yet, 182, 193», 378.
O once my thyme was young, 522.
O ponder well, 200.
O rare Botham boy, 747.
O rare Turpin, hero, 661.
O some they will talk of bold Robin Hood, 395.
O such a good fellow's true blue, 194.
O such a rogue's a Roundhead, 410.
O such a rogue should be hang'd, 777.
O that I had never married, 557.
O the broom, the bonny, bonny broom, 459, 461.
O the golden days of good Queen Bess, 713.
Oh! the mighty innocence of Russell, 565.

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