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Joan, come kiss me now, 483.
Joan is as good as my lady, 315.
Joan's ale is new, 187.
Joan's placket is torn, 518.
Joan stoop'd down, 312.
Joan to the May-pole, 302, 778.
Jock o' Hazledean, 575.
Jockey and Jenny, 617.
Jockey, away, man! 619*.
Jockey is grown a gentleman, 784.
Jockey rous'd with love, 610.
Jockey's escape from Dundee, 611.
Jockey to the fair, 712.
Jockey was a dowdy lad, &12*.
Jog on the footpath way, 211.
John Anderson, my jo, 770.
John, come kiss me now, 122,147, 218, 660,771.
John Dory, 67, 359*.
John for the King, 107, 770.
John Had-land's advice, 460.
John's earnest request to Betty, 504.
Johnny and Jenny, 774.
Johnny Armstrong, 260, 776, 538.
Johnny, cock thy beaver, 784.
Jolly fellow (The), 670.
Jolly gentleman's frolic, or City ramble, 553.
Jolly miller (The), 666.
Jolly Koger Twangdillo, of Plowden Hall, 602.
Jolly sailor's resolution (The), 590.
Jolly tradesmen (The), 446.
Jovial cobbler (The), 292, 589.
Jovial beggars (The), 345.
Jovial companions, or Merry travellers, 506.
Jovial tinker (The), 187, 773, 779.
Joy and sorrow mixt together, 777.
Jubilee (The), or Coronation-day, 436.
Katherine Ogie, 616a, Keel row (The), 721.
Keep a good tongue in your head, 297, 298. Kent-street club, 427. Kentish hop-pickers' song, 304. Keppel's triumph, 715. Kind husband and imperious wife, 455. King and Lord Abbot, 350. King and the bishop, 199. King Alfred and the shepherd's wife, 199. King Arthur's noble acts, 199. King Charles's progress [Charles II.], 435. King Cophetua and the beggar, 591. King Edward IV. and the tanner of Tamworth, King Edward, King Edward, 698. [392, 541. King Edward wooing the fair maid of London, King enjoys his own again (The), 436, 782. [234. King Henry II. crowning his son, 242. King James's march, 574.
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury, 350, 630. King Lear and his three daughters, 199. King of Scots and Andrew Browne, 185. King Olfrey and the old abbot, 185. King once reigned beyond the seas (A), 591. King's ballad (The), 56. King's complaint (The), 439. King's delight (The), 257. King's hunt-is-up (The), 60. King's jig (The), 495, 784. King's last good-night (The), 174. King's note (The), 34. King shall enjoy his own (The), 434, 782. King William III., and Queen Mary (Proclamation
of), 493.
Knitter's job (The), 367.
Knot (The), 313.
Know this, my brethren, 428.
Lachrymse, 92.
Ladies, I think you marvel, 91. Ladies of London, both wealthy and fair, 593. "Lady Carey's dump, 53. Lady Catherine Ogle, 616». Lady Frances Nevill's delight, 398. Lady Green Sleeves, 227. Lady Isabella's tragedy, 197, 200. Lady, lie near me, 184. Lady Marquess (The), and her gang, 781. Lady's daughter of Paris properly, 612. Lady's fall (The), 148, 196. Lady Winkfield's round, 53. Lament, each one, the blazing fire, 117. Lament for Walsingham, 122. Lament, lament, for he is dead, 174. Lamentation from Home, 112. Lamentation of Lord Essex, 176. Lamentacione of the Kynge of Scots, 775. Lancashire hornpipes, 240, 534, 544. Lancashire lovers (The), 457. Landlord, he looks very big (T4ie), 661. Lanthorn for landlords, 118, Lass of Cumberland (The), 503. Lass there lives upon the green (A), 685. Lass that comes to bed to me (The), 503. Last Sunday, by chance, 602. Last time I came o'er the moor (The), 772. Laugh and lay down, 690. Law lies bleeding, 431. Lawyers' lamentation for Charing Cross, 433. Lay by your pleading, 431. Lay by your reason, truly out of season, 782. Lay the bent to the bonny broom, 530. Leander"s love to Hero, 367. Leather apron, 541. Leather bottel (The), 513. Leave lightie love, ladies, 224. Legend of Sir Guy, 171. Leicestershire lovers (The), 182. Lenton stuff is come to town, 89. Lesley's march, 615c. Let every man with tongue and pen, 436. Let Oliver now be forgotten, 455, 783. Let Protestants freely allow, 493. Let's cast away care and merrily sing, 161. Let's sing to the memory of glorious Queen Bess,
[568. Let the cannons roar from shore to shore, 503. Let the toast pass, 744. Let us advance the good old cause, 425. Let us drink and sing, 292. Liberty Hall, 677. Lie lulling beyond thee, 259. Lie still, my dear, 173.
Life and death of the Duke of Buckingham, 215. Life and death of Queen Elizabeth, 197. Life and death of Mrs. Laurie's dog, 612. Life of love (The), 537. Light o' love, 221. Lilliburlero, 568, 786. Lincolnshire poacher (The), 732. List, lusty gallants, 92. Listen awhile to what I shall say, 451. Little barley-corn (The), 305. Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard, 170. Little Pegge of Ramsie, 218.

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