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BALLADS, SONGS, AND TUNES.                                            805
I am 80 deep in love, 183,364.
;: am the Duke of Norfolk, 117, 770.
I am the young lass of Lynn, 584.
}'. am woe for their wolves so wild, 768.
I cannot come every day to woo, 87, 90, 622.,
I cannot eat but little meat, 72.
} fancy none but thee alone, 143.
J had a pretty girl, and a tenant of my own, 595..
I have a good wife at home, 203.
i. have but a mark a year, 356.
}. have house and land in Kent, 90.
1 have left the world as the world found me, 555.
I live in the town of Lynn, 584.
3- live not where I love, 451, 782.
I lo'e na a laddie but ane, 529.
I lothe that I did love, 216.
I love my love for love again, 776.
5. love sixpence, a jolly, jolly sixpence, 738.
I'll bark against the dog-star, 334.
I'll go no more to the New Exchange, 317, 318.
I'll ne'er be drunk again, 266, 269.
I'll never love thee more, 378, 507.
I'll show you the captains of Aubrey Vere, 506.
I'll tell you an old song, 300.
I'll tie my mare on thy ground, 738.
I'm a bold recruiting sergeant, 596.
I'm like a skiff on ocean toss'd, 675.
I'm lonesome since I left Blyth camps, 708,
I'm plundered of all my gold, 551.
I made love to Kate, 723.
I married a wife of late, 298.
I marvel, Dick, that having been, 368.
T. ne'er yet saw a lovely creature, 291.
I often for my Jenny strove, 591.
I often have known, 194.
I pray, Mr. Jacobite, tell me why, 276.
I pray now attend to this ditty, 553.
I prithee, love, turn to me, 526, 528, 613. '
7. prithee, Portsmouth, tell me plain, 325».
I read in ancient times, 354.
I rode from England into France, 588.
I'se go with thee, my sweet Peggy, 306.
I sing a doleful tragedy, 717.
I sing of no heretic, 124.
I sing of sad discords that happen'd of late, 630.
I sing the British seaman's praise, 654.
X sowed the seeds of love, 521, 522, 735.
I tell thee, Dick, where I have been, 358, 360.
I tell thee, Jack, thou gav'st the King, 359.
I took thee on a sudden, 292.
t will away, and will not stay, 612, 465.
I will never love thee more, 378.
I wish I were those gloves, dear heart, 378.
I would I were in my own country, 456, 782.
If a body meet a body, 795.
If all the world and love were young, 214.
If all the world my mind did know, 528.
If all the world were paper, 627.
If Death would come, 182.
[f ever I marry, I'll marry a maid, 96.
[f Kosamond, that was so fair, 215.
If the heart of a man be deprest, 639.
If there were employments, 304.
If you want a young man with a true, 691.
Ignoramus justice, 276.
til May-day, 176.
Illustrious George shall come, 436.
[n a freshe morninge, among the Howrys, 775.
In a humour I was of late, 264, 265, 776.
In a Winter's morning (York waits), 549.
In ancient times, when as plain dealing, 355.
In coming down to Manchester, 734.
In Crete, when Dedimus, 117.
In Cumberland there dwells a maid, 504.
In dole and deep distress, 201.
In eighty-eight, ere I was born, 212."
In England once there reign'd, 144.
In good King Charles's golden days, 653.
In Gosport of late there a damsel did dwell, 614'.
In January last, 524, 575.
In Kent, I hear, there lately did dwell, 602.
In kingly Stephen's reign, 381.
In Lime began a rebellion, 496.
In my triumphant chariot, 332.
In Nottingham lives a jolly tanner, 392.
In Nottinghamshire let them boast, 391.
In Paul's Church-yard in London, 333.
In pescod time, 196.
In Popish times, when bishops proud, 349.
In praise of a dairy, 124.
In Reading town, where I was born. 538
In Borne there is a most fearful rout, 231, note.
In sad and ashy weeds, 201.
In Scarlet town, where I was born, 538.
In Summer time, when leaves grow green,
[392, 393, 641. In Taunton Dean ich were bore and bred, In the days of old, 179, 773.           [262, 670, 672.
In the gallant month of June, 143. In the season of the year, 733. In the Spring time of the year, 732. In times of yore, sure men did doat, 357. In Wakefield there lives a jolly pinder, 394. In Warwickshire there stands a down, 371. In Winter time, when flow'rs do fade, 544. Inconveniences by marriage, 371. Inconstancy of the world, 310. Indian weed, withered quite, 563. Irish Dumpe (The), 793. Irish lass's letter to Teague, 307. Irish Och hone (The), 793. Iron chest is still the best (An), 503. Is there ever a man in all Scotland ? 776. It befell at Martinmas, 226. It's better late thrive than never, 780. It's Nanny O, it's Nanny O, 610». It is not your Northern Nanny, 354, 779. It is not yet a fortnight since, 501. It was a blind beggar, 159, 160. It was a country lad, 219. It was a frog in the well, 88. It.was a knight was drunk with wine, 520. It was a lover and his lass. 204, 774. It was a maid of my country, 65. It was a rich merchantman, 381. It was a young maiden truly, 734. It was a youthful knight, 179. It was at the birth of a Winter's morn, 391. Italian nymphs and swains, 596.
Jack's the lad, 741.
Jack met his mother all alone, 552, 786.
Jacobite toss'd in a blanket, 276.
Jamaica, 446.
James the Second's march, 574.
Jane Shore, 319.
Jemmy and Anthony, 786.
Jenny's answer to Sawney, 618.
Jenny, gin your eyes, 785.
Jenny's bawbee, 795.

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