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Great earthquake (The), 770.
Great Lord Frog to Lady Mouse, 561, 786.
Green gown (The), 823, 324.
Green sleeves, 116, 227, 228, 230 to 233.
Green sleeves and pudding pies, 232, 775.
Greenwich Park, 600.
Greenwood, 66.
Grim king of the ghosts, 493.
Guardian angels, now protect me, 748.
Guy Fawkes, 717.
Guy of "Warwick, 171,772.
Hag is astride (The), 773.
Hail to thee in the crown of victory, 691.
Hail to the myrtle shades, 493.
HalfHannikin, 73.
Hang sorrow! let'B cast away care, 777.
Hanging tune (The), 163.
Hankin booby, or Hanskin, 73.
Happy clown (The), 675.
Happy Dick, 529, 672.
Happy miller (The), 589.
Hard fate that I should banisht be, 783.
Hardy tars of old England (The), 716.
Hark! how the cries in every street, 565, 566.
Hark ! the bonny Christ-church bells, 565.
Hark! to Winchester, 684.
Harvest-home, 583.
Hasty bridegroom (The), 776.
Hathersage cocking (The), 659.
Have among you, good women, 777.
Have at thy coat, old woman, 365.
Have good day, my leman, 765.
Have mercie on me, frere, barefoot that I go, 765.
Have with you to Walsingham, 121.
Have you any work for the tinker ? 187.
Have you heard of a lord of noble descent? 441.
Have you heard of a frolicsome ditty ? 553.
Hawthorn tree (Merry ballet of), 64. He never will come again, 237. He that a tinker will be, 187.
He that has a little tiny wit, 225. He that is a clear cavalier, 448.
He that loves sack, doth nothing.lack, 528.
He that will not merry, merry be, 588.
Health to Betty, 259, 366.
Health to all honest men, 673.
Healths (The), 288, 778.
Heard you not lately of Hugh? 266.
Heard you not of a valiant trooper ? 452.
Heart's-ease, 210.
Hearts of oak, 715,788.
Heave and ho, rumbelow, 783.
Heigh, ho, 159. (See also Hey, ho.)
Heil dir im Sieger Kranz! 691.
Hemp-dresser (The), 312.
Henry, our royal King, 169.
Henry V. at Agincourt, 200.
Henry the Eighth's song, 56.
Here's a crew of jovial blades, 427.
Here's a health to all honest men, 674.
Here's a health to great Eugene, 551.
Here's a health to Father Paul, 650.
Here's a health to jolly Bacchus, 119.
Here's a health to the barley-mow, 745.
Here's a health to the King in sack, 417.
Here's a health to the mem'ry of Queen Ann, 643.
Here's a health to the Queen, and a lasting peace,
Here's a health unto his Majesty, 492.          [643.
Here's a health unto our master, 667.
Here's to the maiden, 744.
Here must I tell the praise, 517.
Here we go round the mulberry-bush, 719,
Hero and Leander, 378.
Hewson's lamentation, 451.
Hey, boys, up go we, 425,-428, 781.
Hey, brave Arthur o' Bradley, 540.
Hey ding, a ding, 263, 776.
Hey down, a down, 391.
Hey down deny, 770.
Hey for a lusty, lively lad, 446.
Hey for Christmas, 64.
Hey for our town, or A fig for Zommersetshire, 513.
Hey, ho, frisca jolly, 53.
Hey, ho! my heart is full of woe, 210.
Hey, ho, my honey, 292, 462.
Hey, ho, the cramp, a, 89.
Hey, how the chevaldoures woke, 765.
Hey, jolly Jenkin, 483, 784.
Hey! my kitten, my kitten, 603.
Hey, then, up go we, 425, 781.
Highlanders' march (The), 784.
His head as white as milk, 237.
Hit or miss, 147.
Ho! brother Teague, dost hear de decree ?
Hobby-horse dance, 601.                       [572,787.
Hodge of the mill and buxom Nell, 786.
Home in the morning early, 806.
Honest age (The), 774.
Honest Sir, give me thy hand, 672.
Honest wooer (The), 259.
Honi soit que mal y penBe, 286 and 287.
Honour invites you to delights, 327.
Honour of great York and Albany, 503.
Hooky, hooky, we have shorn, 580.
Hoop! do me no harm, 208, 774.
Hosier's ghost, 597.
Hounds are all out (The), 556.
How blyth ilk morn was I to see, 461.
How can you, lovely Nancy ? 788.
How happy are young lovers, 597.
How happy could I be with either, 553.
How happy's the mortal that lives by his mill,
How now, shepherd ? 877.                            [589.
How pleasant is it, 258.
How should I with that old man ? 765.
How should I your true love know? 236.
How stands the glass around ? 669.
How unhappy is Phillis in love, 455.
Hubert's ghost, 776.
Huggle-duggle, ho, bo, ho, 442.
Humours of the bath (The), 654.
Hunt is up (The), 58, 60 to 62.
Hunter in his career (The), 254 and 255, 776.
Hunting the hare, 255, 320, 321, 322.
Hunting we will go (A), 346, 651.
Huntsman (The), 66.
Hyde Park, 325, 326, 628.
Hymn to the gentle craft, 451.
I am a jolly huntsman, 346.
I am a jovial cobbler, bold and brave, 589.
I am a lass o' th' North country, 503.
I am a lusty beggar, 333.
I am a lusty, lively lad, 447.
I am a poor man, God knows, 267.
I am a poor shepherd undone, 462.
I am a rogue, and a stout one, 779.
I am a senseless thing, 118.
I am a young man that do follow the plough, 556.

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