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800                                                          FIRST INDEX.
As I went forth one morning fair, 610».
As I went forth one Summer's day, 502.
As I went forth to view the Spring, 616*.
As I went through the North country, 259.
As I went to Walsingham, 121.
As it fell on a holiday, 68.
As it fell out on a high holiday, 170.
As it fell out one Whitsunday, 776.
As it fell out on a long Summer's day, 383.
As Mars and Minerva, 730.
As near Portobello lying, 597.
As one bright, sultry Summer's day, 675.
As our King lay musing, 39.
As Perkin one morning lay musing, 676.
As pretty Polly Oliver lay musing, 676.
As ye came from the Holy Land, 120.
Ash grove (The), 665.
At Athens, in the market-place, 561.
At home would I be in my own country, 45".
At night, by moonlight, on the plain, 686.
At Rome there is a terrible rout, 231.
At the sign of the horse, old Spintext, 602.
At Winchester was a wedding, 496.
At Wednesbury there was a cocking, 660.
Attend, my masters, and give ear, 189.
Attend thee, go play thee, 223.
Auld lang syne, 621.
Awake and arise, 93.
Awake, awake, O England, 770.
Away from Romford, away, away, 322.
Away with this rebellion, 436.
Aye, marry, and thank ye too, 684.
Black-cy'd Susan, 640.
Blacksmith (The), 231.
Blanket Fair, 124.
Blind beggar's daughter of Bethnal Green, 158,160.
Blink over the burn, sweet Betty, 604.
Blithe and bonny country lass (A), 501.
Blithe jockey, young and gay, 612.
Bloody fate, 279.
Blow thy home, hunter, 58.
Blowzybella, 307, 646.
Blue bells of Ireland (The), 739.
Blue bells of Scotland (The), 739.
Boar's head in hand bear I (The), 757.
Boat, a boat, haste to the ferry (A), 492.
Boatman (The), 270.
Bobbing Joe or Joan, 290, 354.
Bonniest lass in all the land (The), 228.
Bonny, bonny bird, 555.
Bonny, bonny broom (The), 460.
Bonny briar (The), 460.
Bonny brow (The), 575.
Bonny Dundee, 56S», 611.
Bonny grey-ey'd morn, 610.
Bonny Kathern Oggy, 616a.
Bonny laddy, Highland laddv, 749.
Bonny milkmaid (The), 297."
Bonny Nell, 501.
Bonny Peggy Ramsey, 218.
Bonny, sweet Robin, 234.
Both young men, maids and lads, 136.
Bothwell banks is bonny, 612.
Bow, wow, wow, 717.
Bowes's tragedy, 372.
Boys and girls, come out to play, 583.
Brause du, Freiheitsang, 691.
Brave boys, 555, 588.
Brave gallants, now listen, 325.
Brave Lord Willoughby, 114.
Brave Monmouth, England's glory, 523.
Breast knot (The), 681.
Brethren, I must haste away, 749.
Brewer (The), 231.
Bride's burial (The), 197.
Bridegroom's salutation (The), 292.
Brighton camp, 708.
Bring us in good ale, 41 to 43.
Bristol waits, 551.
Britannia, rouse, at Heav'n's command, 687.
British grenadiers (The), 152, 772.
British sailor's lament, 684.
Britons, strike home, my boys, 729.
Britons, who dare to claim, 705.
Broom of Cowdon Knowes, 459, 613, 783.
Broom on hill, 459.
Broom, the bonny broom, 233, 458, 613, 783.
Budgeon it is a delicate trade, 666.
Buff coat has no fellow (The), 342.
Bull running tune, 37.
Burse of Reformation (The), 317.
Busy Fame, 536, 786.
Butter'd pease, 307.
Buttoned smock (The), 774.
By a bank as I lay, 52, 92.
By force I am fixed, 224.
By the border's side as I did pass, 439.
By the side of a great kitchen fire, 494.
By the side of a neighbouring stream, 494.
Caller herrin", 621. Callino casfurame, 793.
Bacchus's health, 119.
Bad husband turned thrifty, 462.
Baffled knight (The), 519, 793.
Bailiff's daughter of Islington, 203, 204.
Banbury ale, 483.
Banishment of poverty (The), 612.
Bankers are now such brittle ware, 503.
Barbara Allen, 538.
Barber's news, or Shields in an uproar, 713.
Bark in tempest toss'd, 584.
Barking barber (The), 717.
Barley-break, 135.
Barley-mow (The), 745.
Barrow Foster's, or Barrow Faustus's dream,
Bartholomew Fair, 585.                        [240, 775.
Basse his career, 255, 776.
Bateman, 197.
Bath medley (The), 654.
Battle of Agincourt, 39, 199.
Battle of birds over Cork, 502.
Be merry, my friends, 306.
Bear a hand, jolly tars, 715.
Bedlam-boys are bonny, 333.
Bed-making (The), 557.
Beggar-boy (The), 269.
Begging we will go (A), 345.
Beginning of the world (The), 69.
Begone, begone, my Willy, 141.
Begone, old Care, or dull Care, 689.
Bells of Osney, 517.
Benbow, the brother tar's song, 678.
Bess a Bell (or Bessy Bell) she doth excel, 366,459.
Billy was as blythe a lad, 785.
Binny'sjig, 608.
Bishop of Chester's jig, 177.
Bishop of Hereford's entertainment, 395.
Bishop's last good-night (The), 413.

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