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Lines or titles beginning with "a," "an,** or " the," are indexed under the word that follows.
Ballads of which the first lines are not given in the text are often indexed under the names of the tunes to which tkey were sung. The names of the tunes are therefore the surest mode of reference.
A la mode de France, 444.
Abbot of Canterbury (The), 348.
Abraham Newland, 720.
Absence of my mistress (The), 452.
Adieu, Dundee, 611.
Adieu, my dear, 214, and note.
Adieu to the last Earl of Derby, 234.
Admiral Benbow (" Come, all you sailors"), 678.
Admiral Benbow (" O we sail'd"), 641.
Admiral Vernon's answer to Hosier's ghost, 597.
Advice to bachelors, 427.
Advice to the city, 622.
Advice to the ladies of London, 593.
Adzooks! che's went the other day, 586.
Aged man's A-B-C, 93.
Agincourt, Agincourt, 39.
Ah, cruel, bloody fate, 279, 280, 777.
Ah, cruel maid, give o'er, 279.
Ah, dear heart, why do you rise? 772.
Ah, Jenny, gin your eyes, 785.
Ah, the sighs that come fro' wy heart, 57.
Aim not too high, 162, 167.
Air by Dr. Bull, 697.
Alack and alas! she was dumb, 120.
Alas ! how should I sing ? 765.
Alas! I am in a rage, 585.
Alas ! my love, you do me wrong, 230.
Alas ! that I came o'er the moor, 772.
All a green willow, 206, 774.
All flowers of the broom, 91, 116.
All hail to the days that merit more praise, 194.
All in a garden green, 110.
All in a misty morning, 146.
All in a pleasant morning, 139.
All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd, 640.
All in the land of Essex, 779.
All in the merry month of May, 540.
All in the month of May, 184.
All you gallants of city or town, 557.
All you that cry O hone, 174.
All you that desirous are, 336.
All you that do desire to know, 435.
All you that in this house, 176.
All you that lay claim to a good fellow's name, 193.
All you that love good fellows, 151.
All you that news would hear, 112.
All you that pass along, 457.
All you that to feasting and mirth, 499.
All you young ranting blades, 462.
Ally Croaker, 713.
Although 1 am a country lass, 306, 375, 376.
Am I mad, O noble Festus ? 333, 335.
Amarillis told her swain, 283, 778.
Amintas on the new-made hay, 284.
Ancient story I'll tell you (An), 351.
And how should I your true love ? 236. •
And ne'er be drunk again, 266, 269.
And was not good King Solomon ? 72.
And will he not come again ? 237.
And yet methinks I love thee, 182.
Anglers' song, 284,—and another, 446.
Anne Boleyn's song, 237.
Anything for a quiet life, 378.
Ar ne kuthe ich sorghe non, 25.
Arise and awake, 93.
Arise, arise, my juggy, 142.
Arraignment of the Devil, 176.
Arthur a Bland, 391.
Arthur of Bradley, 539 and 604.
As at noon Dulcina rested, 143.
As Damon late with Chloe sat, 646.
As down in the meadows, 648.
As from Newcastle I did pass, 441.
As I abroad was walking, 139, 190.
As I came down the Highland town, 616«.
As I came from Tottingham, 219.
As I came thorow the North country, 229.
As I came through Sandgate. 722.
As I in a meadow was walking, 528.
As I lay musing all alone, 274.
As I lay musing in my bed, 778.
As 1 lay musing, myself alone, 776.
As I lay slumbering in a dream, 619.
As I to Ireland did pass, 128.
As I walkt forth of late, 234.
As I walkt forth to take the air, 190, 509.
As I walk'd forth to view the plain, 616a.
As I walk'd over hills, 185.
As I walk'd the woods, 52, 66, 7G8.
As I was a driving my waggon one day, 691.
As I was walking all alone, 260, 367.
As I was wand'ring on the way, 65S.

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