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When as I was single, as some of you are, I was loved, like other young men,
I liv'd at my ease, and did what I pleas'd, And the world it went well with me then. Brave Boys, &c.
Thm bravely I liv'd without any control,
I married in haste, but at leisure repent, That I could be so fool'd by a wife : [sour,
She'll pout and she'll lour, she'll frown and look Then dare I not stir for my life.
Thrice happy is he that hath a good wife, But far better off the young man
Andhad silver, good store, laying by; [sherry, ,                   .                f
., .           ' ,                  ,. , '             'That settles himself to live single throngh life :
•I could sing and be merry, drink claret and r ,. .                      . . . .
          , ,                  ,„.„. ,.         T          \Y ould 1 were unmarried again!
Tiien who but " Sweet William " was I ?                                                     6
Brave Boys, &c. Now, honest young men, you have need to
When I went to church I was led by two maids,            beware,
And the music did play gallantly;                     (For my part, my own ruin I've brought,)
My wife she did dance, and her spirits advance, Then of flattering damsels have a great care,
Till she skipt up and down like a fly.                For wit's never dear till 'tis bought.
So, bachelors all, now my leave I will take,
Take counsel, all honest young men, Were I thut of this quean, (you know what I mean,)
O the world would go well with me then, Brave Boys, O the world would go well with, me then.
This tune has a variety of names, derived from different ballads that were sung to it. Among these are, The Doubting Virgin ; or Shall I, shall I; 0 that I had new married ; Woman's work is never done : The Soldier's Departure ; and per­haps, The Bed-making.

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