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THE COMMONWEALTH.                                           445
in 1661, but written while Charles I. was in prison, the author twice quotes the burden, and perhaps wrote the whole poem to the tune. The metre is quite suitable, as will be shown by the following stanzas, 93 and 97: " Never such rebels have been seen              Then let us what our labours gain
As since we led this dance ;                        Enjoy, and bless our chance:
So we may feast, let prince and queen Like kings let's domineer and reign,
Beg, d, la mode de France, '&c.                   Thus, a la mode de France."
In Tlie Second Tale of a Tub, 8vo., 1715, one of the tunes called for by the company is A la mode de France. In the Collection of Loyal Songs, i. 25,1731, the song is entitled " The French Report."
A vise man dere is like a ship'
Dat strike upon de shelves, Dey prison all, behead, and vip
All viser dan demselves; Dey send out men to fetch deyr king,
Who may come home, perchance : 0 fy> fy> fy> it is, be gar,
Not d la mode de France.
Dey raise deyr valiant prentices
To guard deyr cause vith clubs; Dey turn deyr Bishops out of doors,
And preash demselves in tubs: De cobler and de tinker, too,
Dey vill in time advance; Gar take dem all, it is (mort Dieu)
Not a la mode de France.
Instead of bowing to deyr king,
Dey vex him vith epistles; Dey furnish all deyr souldiers out
Vith bodkins, spoons, and vhistles; Dey bring deyr gold and silver in,
De Brownists to advance, And if dey be cheat of it all,
Tis a la mode de France.
But if ven all deyr vealth be gone,
Dey turn unto deyr king, Dey vill all make amends again,
Den merrily ve vill sing, Vive le Roy, vlve le Roy,
Ve'll sing, carouse, and dance, De English men have done fort bon,
And a la mode de France.

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