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part of English compositions, which were written, and should be, in three, four, or five parts. There are, also, a few ballad tunes, such as " Satan, my foe," to Fortune, my foe ; " Shepherd, saw thou not," to Crimson Velvet, &c.; and, in the last edition, 1682, some Italian songs, and " new English Ayres," in three parts complete. The two former editions were printed at Aberdeen, in 1662 and 1666.
Remember Adam's fall, O thou man, &c, Remember Adam's fall, from heaven to hell;
Remember Adam's fall, how we were con≠demned all In hell perpetual there for to dwell.
Remember God's goodness, O thou man, &c,
Remember God's goodness and his promise
made;                              [Son, doubtless,
Remember God's goodness, how he sent his Our sins for to redress;óBe not afraid.
The angels all did sing, O thou man, &c, The angels all did sing upon the shepherd's hill;                                                [King,
The angels all did sing praises to our heavenly And peace to man living, with a good will.
The shepherds amazed were, O thou man, &c,
The shepherds amazed were, to hear the
angels sing;                         [come to pass
The shepherds amazed were, how it should
That Christ, our Messias, should be our
To Bethlem they did go, O thou man, &c,
To Bethlem they did go, the shepherd*
three;                                         [bo or no,
To Bethlem they did go, to see wh'er it were
Whether Christ were horn or no, to set man
As the angels hefore did say, O thou man, &c.,
As the angels hefore did say, so it came
to pass;                       [hahe where it'Iay,
As the angels before did say, they found a In a manger, wrapt in hay, so poor he was.
In Bethlem he was born, O thou man, &c., In Bethlem he was born for mankind's sake;
In Bethlem he was born, for us that were
forlorn,                                             [take.
And therefore took no scorn our flesh to
Give thanks to God always, O thou man, &c., Give thanks to God always with heart most joyfully;                                         [day-
Give thanks to God alway, for this our happy Let all men sing and say, Holy, holy.

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